In-Depth Timely Care

In the traditional healthcare model, providers may have patient panels upwards of 2000, leaving little room for an in-depth session with the patient and creating a long wait time for an appointment.
At Kermani Concierge Medicine, our commitment is to provide you with the best medical care with little to no wait. We have limited our patient panel size to 400 patients and allocated 30 minutes for returning patient visits/60 minutes for new patient visits. With this model, you will have the provider’s undivided time and attention to review results, make recommendations, and answer all questions in a relaxed, unhurried environment.

We believe total well-being is a by-product of taking care of the whole individual. The extensive amount of time allocated for each appointment serves that purpose. Our mission is to build a relationship and foster a state of total well-being for all of our patients.